Top 5 reasons to choose a .CA domain

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.ca has been Canada’s Internet top-level domain since 1987. Those wishing to register under this address must have some connection to Canada.

If most of your business is Canadian, go with .ca. There have been several studies showing that, on average, Canadians trust (and visit) “.ca” over “.com” and other endings. That’s why 99% of non-online businesses (like plumbers, hairdressers) in Canada use .ca for their websites.

1. Better search engine visibility

Your .ca domain name tells Google that you and your website are Canadian. This makes it much more relevant to visitors searching for local Canadian results. Plus, your Canadian visitors are much more likely to click through when presented with a .ca search result.

2. Extra security

.ca’s Canadian presence requirements provide an extra layer of security that’s trusted by all. This provides peace of mind that when a website has a .ca domain, it’s actually owned by a Canadian individual or business.

3. Free WHOIS Privacy

What’s more, all registered .ca domains come with free WHOIS privacy protection, so your contact information – and home address – is not just out there for the world to see.

4. More safe, less spam

According to the SpamHaus Project, an international non-profit organization that tracks spam and cyber threats, .ca is one of the “least abused” domains. This means that .ca domains are far less likely to host malware or be used to send spam.

5. More choices

With only about 3 million .ca domain names registered today – as opposed to over 233 million .com domains – there’s a much better chance that the domain you want is available.

.ca is the safe, reliable and smart choice for your website. If you’re ready to make the move, let us help us find your .ca domain today! With our dedicated website you can easily register .ca domains or just use our domain search tool to find a suitable .ca domain.


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