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Setting up the SPF record is used to curb spam. How does the SPF help the war on spam? While spam filtering prevents you from receiving spam, SPF prevents spam from being sent from your domain name on your behalf.

Nowadays, it is not at all strange to send unsolicited emails or viruses from someone’s email address to the world. Technologies such as DKIM and SPF have been developed to prevent this.

What is SPF?

An SPF record is a TXT record that you can specify in the DNS settings for your domain name. In the SPF record, you can specify the IP addresses or hostnames from which you are authorized to send email from your domain name.

What does SPF mean? SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. It means ‘Sending Guidelines Framework’, but in IT we use the abbreviation SPF.

The server receiving the e-mail examines the IP or hostname in the SPF setting and compares it to the IP or hostname from which the e-mail was sent. If the sending server is not in the SPF record, the receiving party marks the message as suspicious and rejects it.

SPF records are automatically set up in your LaniSys Hosting Client Area so you have the latest technolgies to fight against spam.


The number of spams is constantly increasing. And this is forcing service providers to take radical steps. The SPF is not a newcomer, but so far its absence has not been so spectacular. Now that Google strictly controls the content of incoming email to gmail addresses and the SPF record of sending domains, expect other providers to harden it. At LaniSys Hosting your Email is safe.

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